Home Improvements Stores you can find anywhere!

Home Improvement Stores – So many options, you just need one to get the job done!

Thanks to the popularity of home improvement programming on television, the last boom in the housing market and an influx of home repair magazines and media, the home renovation retail business is absolutely thriving.

After watching how-to design programs on television and reading how-to articles in design magazines, homeowners are rushing out for paint, lumber, wiring and anything else they need for their next weekend project.

Influences in the Market

Another factor contributing to the surging interest in DIY home improvement are the costs of labor and contractors which often require financing.

As the expense of hiring help goes up, homeowners are increasingly likely to take on a home improvement project themselves, thus sending them to their local hardware retailer to stock up on needed supplies.

These same local hardware stores have gone from small shops to major, national retailers with huge chain networks.

Examples of some of the larger home improvement stores include Lowe’s Home Improvement, The Home Depot, Home Hardware, Canadian Tire, Ace Hardware, Do It Best and Fred Meyer. These retailers can be found almost all over the United States and continue to expand into Canada, Europe and Asia.

The Best and Biggest Home Improvement Stores

As the largest in the country, The Home Depot is the hardware retailer of choice for the United States. Headquartered in Georgia, The Home Depot employs over 350,000 people and operates over 2,100 stores all over the world, including China.

Second only to Wal-Mart for retail power in the United States, The Home Depot is the giant of home hardware supplies.

Lowe’s is the second largest hardware and home renovation retailer in the United States. Focusing their business model on service, Lowe’s takes aim at retaining a local store feeling.

The Lowe’s chain began in North Carolina in 1946 as a single store and now operates over 1400 stores in the U.S. The chain is looking to expand into Canada and Mexico.

Other Market Options

Another competitor that focuses on customer service and local emphasis is The True Value Company. By concentrating on quality service and extensive how-to programs, True Value is attempting to win over customers from large competitors like Home Depot or Lowe’s.

True Value is also unique because it operates as a cooperative, meaning it is owned by its members. Essentially, it is a member-owned wholesaler and therefore is often able to deliver lower prices.

Finally, there’s Ace Hardware. A leader in global sales, Ace Hardware is also a cooperative, meaning most of their stores are owned and operated by a local dealer who owns a financial stake in the larger company.

Local Businesses 

If you decided that you no longer what to DIY and you want to hire a professional to do it then call your local contractor to get the best quote. I will show you an example of a local business if you CLICK HERE. This is a local business of professionals that go to your home and help you with services you need for a quoted price.

Transportation Tips for a Regular Traveler


Transportation can be a major head ache when you are traveling.

1. Because you are traveling you do not have a car.

2. It can be expensive.

3. Walk?

Transportation is a topic I love to talk about because there are so many different options you have while traveling.

The best option is to walk.

This way you become familiar with your surroundings and you experience the place you are traveling in full.

Life is better when you can look at it and take it in .

The next option is to get a taxi.

This can get pretty expensive depending on the location and the distance being traveled. Search all your options. You want the best taxi service with the least mileage rate.

Next is the bus system.

This is a good system, but it could also be scary in a place you have never been before.  You do not know if you are in a safe place or not.

You need the bus route guides and make sure you do not seem like you are new. Act like you belong.

Another options is go big and get a limousine.

Do not laugh. If you have money, why not?

You look cool and that is pretty tight.  I would recommend this specific limo site here.

They are the best in the business. Take my word.

Next is a bike.

 A bike is cool because its faster than walking and you lose weight at the same time. It is basically a win, win.

Last, you can hitch a couple of rides from people you may know in certain locations or you can be brave and be a hitch hiker. That is up to you.

Now go experience life.



Regardless where you are health is first!


Sometimes you got to let your boyfriend win.

I love my boyfriend no doubt about it but I’m I better at something then he is? Of course. A little bit on the more intelligent side but I still love him.

I think he is intelligent in his own way pertaining to other subjects.

You’re going to meet more people in your life that noto be a little bit more knowledgeable and some subjects than you are. That’s why I love him because I can learn from him as well.

I started personal training about four months ago and I thought it would be a good idea to work out together to bring us closer. So he came with me one day and I trained.

He actually quit halfway through because he said his ankle is hurting. My trainer did not believe him one bit.

He’s a man he should’ve stuck it through because we were only training for one hour. My personal trainer complemented me in my endurance and training abilities and he told me to get a new BF. But I would never do that because I love my honey and I know that nobody is perfect, neither am I.

That’s just something that we’re going to need to work on. Maybe I should have let him win. If you want to know what trainer kicked his ass click here.

He will kick your ass to and ask about the crazy eights. I was able to complete the crazy eights and was only one of five people out of 80 people that was able to complete the crazy eights. It was no joke it was killing me smalls.

My traveler’s tip of the day: Compromise where ever you go. Sometimes you win and sometimes they win.

It’s life regardless where you are.

6 Truths About Loosing Body Fat

6 Truths About Loosing Body Fat

Loose a pound of fat… what does it take? Not eating for a day? Not eating for a week? Eating less? How much less?

Professionals say that it takes 3500 calories in order to loose One Pound of fat you stored in your body.

That simply means that you have to reduce your calorie intake for 3500 cal per week, and here you are – one pound less.

Ok, it is not that simple. In real life the process of loosing a pound is much complicated. These are the 6 truths about losing body fat, but in a healthy way:


  1. Training for weight loss

Training for weight loss should ideally start under some supervision of a trained professional. There are many advantages of training weight loss. They are Expert guidance for weight loss. Any possibility of hazard to the body is minimized.

Advantages of training for weight loss are many more than the ones mentioned above, but those benefits are accrued only in the long run and usually not much is accomplished if only done for a short period of time.

2. Methods of training fat loss

One of the methods of training fat loss used by many people is the use of supplements and drugs. Though the method is very tempting in itself these methods often come with many side effects. And if this is not enough, one can literally become a slave to the use of drugs if not careful.

One of the best ways to loose weight is through interval training for fat loss.

3. Proper Diet 

It is always imperative to maintain proper diet and exercise regularly during this period but without a system to perform optimal fat burning a lot of efforts might go wasted.

4. Be consistent 

One of the main problems people run into is being consistent. Consistency and being persistent will be the key to reaching your goal. Small steps are best. Losing weight fast could throw your body into a defensive mode so a few pounds a week will be good enough.

The answer to the question “how to lose body fat” really is not hard to understand. Staying motivated to continue the whole process likely will be the hardest. However, as long as you use more energy than you take in, you will be well on your way.

5. Eat enough food !

Various important considerations need to be addressed in this process including eating the right foods, drinking plenty of water, consuming enough protein, and consulting with a doctor given your particular circumstances.

However, with this information and a little motivation, your goal is not far from your reach. If you like reading more information then check out some from rapid fat loss system for golf at 

How To be Cautious While Purchasing Jewelry At Wholesale Prices

How To Carefully Purchase Jewelry At Wholesale Prices

The jewelry market is jammed full of beautiful diamonds, pearls, and other great adornment ranging in price from a few dollars to tens of thousands. So buying jewelry from wholesale dealers, either through a catalog or online auction, can be a great way to save money.

Whether you’re looking at jewelry-specific retailers or online sites that specialize in overstock and wholesale liquidations, you’ll need to have a good understanding of the product and the process before you buy.

In this article, we’ll cover the benefits and disadvantages of online purchasing as well as hot tips you can use to protect yourself and your jewelry investment.

When purchasing wholesale jewelry either online or through mail order, you won’t be able to inspect the product with your own eyes. Because cut, proportion and color are so important in determining the value of the product, you’ll need to look for a retailer that’s certified, trusted and can guarantee the product they’re selling.

Start by looking for jewelers that offer documentation on the stone from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) if you’re concerned about the value of the stone being misrepresented. Keep reading for more tips on how to protect your online jewelry purchase.


1. How can I buy wholesale products safely?

Look for a retailer that outlines every facet and aspect of the piece and actually tries to inform you, the buyer, rather than dazzle you with big words and uninformative adjectives. You want sites that offer descriptions of the stones and pieces that are written or cleared either by certified gemologists or jewelry experts.

2. Where can I learn more?

If you’re not comfortable with your knowledge level, try visiting a traditional, retail jeweler to get an idea of non-wholesale prices, but also stone terminology and styles.

3. How can I protect myself on auction sites?

When purchasing wholesale jewelry through an auction site, always read the fine print and study the auction’s terms and conditions thoroughly. Make sure that you can return the item if you’re not completely satisfied, and be sure to read a seller’s reviews.

Once you’ve purchased and received the item, take it to an appraiser immediately to make sure the stone matches the quality assessment given to you by the seller.

4. What is escrow payment?

For large-scale items, you may want to consider putting the funds in escrow. This means a neutral third party will hold the payment in tow until the jewelry has been assessed by an independent appraiser.

Once the appraisal is finished, the funds go to the seller and the piece goes to the buyer. This method typically comes with a small service fee, but can be a very effective tool to protect against potential fraud.

Tips for finding work while traveling abroad.


Tips For Finding Work while traveling anywhere

When you are looking for Jobs, you have to make sure that you apply for a job where you feel you can be of benefit to that company. Obviously many people are either not very confident and feel that they have nothing to offer or they are extreme in the other direction and feel that they can do any job in the world and have a right to it.

The happy medium is what you are looking for, knowing what experience you have and being sure that within that you are confident and willing to try new things.

What an employer, that has say, Jobs  will do is talk to local agencies, place ads in newspapers and advertise on line. What you need to do is make sure you show your self in the right light when you contact your employer for the first time.

Be friendly but try to keep things reasonable formal when you call someone for the first time, if you come across professionally it will be a mark in your favor. Role play is a very good way of ensuring that how you come across is correct, many agencies will be able to put you in touch with someone that can help you with this.

If the employer than wants you to send in a resume  then once again you should think about exactly how this is put together. If you have a computer you can look up some of the latest advice on line to find the best way to put your information down.

If you don’t have a computer speak to someone at your local Library about Jobs and they are always really helpful pointing you in the right direction for directories or local businesses. Your CV should clearly show the prospective employer what you can do for them, using words that reference the skills you have in a way that reflect well on the job applied for.

If you are then called for interview you must make sure that you dress formally for interview. What this does is makes sure that the employer knows that you are taking the position they are offering seriously, and also shows that you will be a good representative for their business.

Talk to local employment agencies to find out if they can help you with your interview techniques. You could also directly approach larger companies Human resources departments to see if they had any vacancies.

Consequences of the Vote 2016

I would imagine that being president is very difficult and I would imagine that I would get difficult more over the span of eight years.

The attention however is fading into the new campaign into who will be the new president. Obama now leaves and has faith in the American people that we will not vote for Trump. He believes that we will be smart enough as a unit as a country and not vote for Trump. Because we all know what Trump could be capable of. All the Trump does is attack Obama all the time, all the time.

Obama wanted some payback for the five years that Trump has generated enormous attention for wondering if Obama was born in Hawaii. At the White House correspondents dinner is when Obama started mocking trump. So this is definitely personal. Obama recognizes that his opposition helps Trump by elevating him but he still wants to say his rebuttals of what is right. Usually Obama does not talk about the other side but this time like we said we think it’s personal.

Obama would rather speak the truth and his knowledge then be silent at the risk of elevating his opponent. Obama did not endorse Hillary but he said that he knows Hillary better that he knows Bernie because she served in his administration at the White House. Hillary is in a close race with Bernie Sanders. Obama wants Hillary to win versus Donald Trump.

The president said, ” I continue to believe Mr. Trump will not be president. And the reason is because I have a lot of faith in the American people, and I think they recognize that being president is a serious job. It’s not hosted a talk show or reality show. It’s not promotion. It’s not Marketing. It’s hard.”

Obama talked about the Democratic contest. “I know Hillary better than I know Bernie because she served in my administration and she was an outstanding Secretary of State. And I suspect that on certain issues she agrees with me more than Bernie does. On the other hand there may be a couple of issues where Bernie agrees with me more I don’t know.”

In the end we will see that the American people end up voting for and the consequences will show after.

Surrounded by people you think you know, but do you really know them?

Yesterday I was among a lot of young women who I know. We have been practicing together for quite some time now. We have been playing soccer together since the college days.

However, yesterday I felt alone like I had no friends and I can see that everyone kinda senses my awkwardness too. I don’t mean for it to be awkward. I’m just an awkward person.

It’s also awkward because one of my teammates use to talk to my now boyfriend. So yeah that makes t a little awkward and she is friends with everyone. But I try to not make it weird , it just naturally is weird.

It’s hard to think about it I’m just glad they didn’t have sex because she I believe has something.

Yesterday, we also had a soccer game. All our girls come from different colleges so yes I believe that we are good. However, we play like shit and like we are old. We lost the game 5-1. I also don’t like playing because I don’t even play the position I want to play.

I play right forward but I want to play midfield. I earned the position but apparently that was not enough. I do not like playing soccer when I’m not playing a position I am forced to play.

I feel like I’m still pretty good and I could get better if I trained but no one it taking advantage of me. I need to stand out but I need to figure it how .

Today I didn’t go to the game because one my knee was hurting and two I didn’t really want to go lose again for the millionth time. It sucks to lose.

I just want to be in love with this sport again and play like I did when I was young. I know I could be ever better than I was then. I also need to practice my left foot that’s forsure.

It it just awkward playing with people who are different then you. I want to be their friends, but I feel like they do not like me.

Make all decisions based on intelligence NOT emotion.

Make all decisions based on intelligence NOT emotion.

Before any choice that you make ask yourself a simple question. With this help me grow towards my ultimate goal or will this take me back a few steps. Asking yourself this question will help you make the right decisions that ultimately will affect your goals.

Think Growth.

When you are sad because you did not get you what you wanted do not go have a temper tantrum and yell at everyone in the room. Instead take a deep breath and maybe go outside if you need too. Relax and think about the situation at hand. Make sure that they next decision you make will make you a better person and will lead you one step closer toward your goals.

Writing this right now while my family is talking and having fun and watching TV I know that I am going one step closer to where I want to be. Where I want to be involved a lot of writing  abot different subject. I also enjoy it because it make my mind think and expand in knowledge. It also makes my creativity soar because I am thinking about so many different things. It also allows me to keep focused on the overall end goals.


Vapor Rub is a Miracle on Acne

Are you struggling with acne?

Worst cystic acne?

If yes read on. If no, still Read on.


Cystic acne sucks point blank. I’m 24 years old and recently experienced seen such a devastating part of my life, cystic acne.


Cystic acne are basically red bumps way in the bottom of your of your skin and you can’t pop them. They also her extremely bad and itch too .

I try different kinds of acne wash lotions and home remedies that didn’t work. Then one day my cousin told me about vapor rub. That sound crazy. But at this point I was trying anything possible. I decided to put vapor rub on my cystic acne.

Immediately I felt a tingling sensation on my face. It wasn’t a bad sensation more like a sensation that felt like the product was working.

The next morning my cystic acne was less revenue still there, but I wasn’t giving up.

On the third day I noticed that the cystic acne was lowering in size. I was so excited my skin is coming back.

Having acne is the worst thing as a kid and even worse as a young adult. They can lower somebody’s confidence. It definitely lowered my confidence. I constantly feel like people are looking at me and judging me based on my acne.

I know I shouldn’t care out what other people think of me and I don’t but it’s really hard when people look at you.

I’m glad that I finally found a solution to my cystic acne and I hope that you try it as well.

Good luck.


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